Doctrinal Integrity

Knowing that the Bible is the Word of God, we believe it, teach it, proclaim it, and submit to it. Doctrinal statements used in our evaluation are The Holy Bible and Articles of Faith.


Characteristic Excellence

What we do, we do to the utmost of our abilities and resources as a testimony to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.


Servant Leadership

We follow the model of Jesus and exert leadership and influence through the nurture and encouragement of those around us.




Christ Temple of New Orleans is a community of Christian believers whose spirits, minds, and bodies are consecrated for anointed service via worship, evangelism, missions and ministry.


Christ Temple of New Orleans (CTNO) was founded on July 22, 2002 by Bishop Onassis F. Jones. CTNO is a local church ministry designed to minister and to address the spiritual, theological, psychological, social, educational, economic, and physical needs of residents in metropolitan New Orleans and surrounding communities. CTNO is a 501c (3) non-profit organization.


Christ Temple of New Orleans operated as a progressively viable organization prior to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  After the devastation of the area, Bishop Jones embraced the opportunity to return to the area to provide for the needs of the community. CTNO resumed limited operation in January 2007 at a temporary location. Due to significant growth, CTNO was able to expand to a permanent location. CTNO has continued ministry operation at this permanent location since September 2007.


The church is actively involved in community outreach endeavors to include a weekly radio broadcast, weekly community counseling groups for teenagers and young adults, cultural empowerment programs, bi-weekly community feeding and clothing projects, and community resource programs.  CTNO is committed to helping individuals reach their highest potential in God. CTNO currently operate several community outreach programs designed to enhance the quality of living in the surrounding communities. A heartbeat of CTNO is youth development.


The Senior Pastor, executive leadership staff, and parishioners of CTNO’s embrace a passionate desire to become an integral part of the neighborhood communities. The primary mission of CTNO is to serve as a unique asset to the growth and improvement of the Greater New Orleans communities.